Employee feedback

Get immediate feedback from your colleagues!

One of the drives of a well-functioning company is when employees give feedback to each other very quickly and easily. Developing this is not witchcraft today.


It is very important that the feedback system within the company is fast, efficient and smooth.


  • Simple: give quick feedback with visual tools.
  • User-friendly: in addition to the pre-set answers, individual feedback from colleagues is also possible.
  • Clear: Users with administrative privileges get a comprehensive view of the interactions within the organization, their number, and their content.
  • Versatile: the reason for the feedback can be praise, thanks, recognition - the module supports all of them.


  • Precise action plans can be implemented with detailed data.
  • Quick feedback from employees to each other can do a lot to boost the quality of internal communication. The communication between them becomes more efficient.
  • More satisfied employees.
  • It develops togetherness and workplace relationships.

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Employee feedback

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