Employee surveys / satisfaction surveys

Conduct an internal poll among your employees!

One of the foundations of a successful company is satisfied, motivated employees. It is worth asking for their opinion more often, using a digital device.


Employee satisfaction surveys are expensive if you outsource the task, and in-house methods are not always effective.


  • Cost-effective: If you entrust the task to a digital module instead of a research company, you can save money.
  • Simple: you can quickly create questionnaires without any special IT or sociology qualifications.
  • Flexible: mandatory or optional answers? Static or dynamic reports? Questionnaires for single or multiple use? Your choice.
  • Practical: you can get employee feedback anonymously or anonymously, and you can create custom survey sheets for your questions.


  • You get a digital tool that allows you to learn your employees ’opinion in depth about your company.
  • The leader gets an accurate picture of the given topics.
  • The leader gets an accurate picture of the given topics.
  • The corporate culture is evolving as it will include a request for feedback that motivates employees.

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Employee surveys / satisfaction surveys

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