Document management

Document management

Say goodbye to unmanageable piles of paper.

The uncontrollable overgrowth of personnel documents is a nightmare for all companies. Paperback folders and files are out of date, choose digital document management!


A centralized document system must be created to make paperwork a thing of the past.


  • Available: All employees' personnel records are available in electronic form.
  • Modern: the system allows you to create documents fast and also to duplicate them later.
  • Digital: You can easily digitalize existing paper-based documents so you have a complete electronic record.
  • Custom: You can create a personalized folder structure that has both document and photo library features.


  • The physical limitations of paper - storage, search difficulty, risk of destruction – are over.

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Document management

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HRmaster is an integrated software system, which enables managing all HR areas of the company.

HRmaster is a software with a modular structure, which supports company workflows with 18 components.

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