Instead of creating a lengthy Excel chart, get error-free reports in a few clicks!

As a leader, it is extremely important to be able to work from reliable reports to make your decisions. Excel is only half measure- you need a more powerful tool in the digital world.


Retrieving clear, in-depth reports from company data is a legitimate expectation for a 21st century HR system.


  • Fast: the report in question comes up in an instant.
  • Informative: individual charts can be created from the data.
  • Customizable: queries can be compiled in an unlimited number, in a freely customizable structure, and based on individual ideas.
  • Up to date: we can always work from fresh data.


  • Management decisions receive strong data-centric support.
  • By preparing accurate reports, you rule out the possibility of an error with financial consequences.

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HRmaster is an integrated software system, which enables managing all HR areas of the company.

HRmaster is a software with a modular structure, which supports company workflows with 18 components.

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