Task and approval management

Manage workflows in one place while keeping the deadlines!

Tracking workflows within a company is one of the most important organizational tasks. Its effectiveness can only be increased by the right means.


The more things you need to do within the company, the more trouble it can be to prioritize and account for tasks.


  • Flexible: create customizable task tickets.
  • Traceable: easily track the people and deadlines associated with each task.
  • Automatable: By setting up notifications, your work can automatically assign tasks to your coworkers.
  • Automated: helps designers with time-efficient, automated processes.


  • It systematizes the everyday life of your company.
  • Your company will have an efficient digital system to meet deadlines.

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Task and approval management

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HRmaster is an integrated software system, which enables managing all HR areas of the company.

HRmaster is a software with a modular structure, which supports company workflows with 18 components.

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