Training management, e-learning

Make your employees even more prepared with a complex training and exam management solution!

Today, the learning process does not end with school and the degree obtained in higher education. Due to trends and changes in the tasks of employees, in-company training is becoming increasingly important.


Organizing corporate education, e-learning, exams, and related records is a resource-demanding task.


  • Practical: you can store the most important data of the trainings in one place: who participated in what e-learning and training, and how did they manage at the exam?
  • Flexible: you can define training periods and also report from the data. Training plans can also be created, recurring trainings can be constantly updated, the user can define the parameters, participants and deadlines of the training.
  • Versatile: Participating employees can rate their external partners providing trainings.
  • Cost-effective: control training expenses thanks to a clear surface.
  • User-friendly: you can easily create e-learning materials from various documents. In addition, multi-format learning materials can be uploaded for e-learning, and videos can even be embedded. Managers can also track the progress and results of subordinates. The surfaces are easy to use, guiding the user from the application to the exam.


  • The professional development of your employees is receiving a long-awaited reinforcement.
  • You can forget about the time-consuming reorganization of repetitive trainings.
  • With in-company training, you can increase the loyalty of your colleagues.

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Training management, e-learning

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