Performance management

Improve your company's strategy by exploring colleagues and the company's areas for improvement!

This module effectively helps by facilitating performance appraisal tasks - in a clear way, without administrative burdens.


A performance appraisal system must be implemented that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of colleagues and teams, and thus the operation of the entire company can be improved and made more efficient.


  • Compact: it provides a framework for the performance appraisal process, it helps the realization of each sub-process with automations.
  • Effective: Feedback is easier and more in-depth with the digital platform.
  • Team building: by coordinating individual and team performance, a closer relationship can be established between managers and their subordinates.


  • Using the module, we can explore our weaknesses at the individual and team level, and based on this, a development strategy can be developed.
  • Detailed managerial feedback can be integrated into company life and raise the image of a company that pays attention to its employees.
  • It is suitable for creating individual evaluation forms and a complex competency and goal appraisal model can be developed.

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Performance management

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