Working time and holiday

Track your employees’ presence and holiday management with ease.

Tracking holidays within a company can result in real chaos if done on paper. A better choice is to keep record of the data in an Excel file, but the best is to simplify in-house administration with a true, modern, digital solution!


Tracking holidays can result in chaos on paper or in Excel.


  • Simplicity: it enables processing holiday requests individually or in groups with one click, while employees can immediately see how much holidays they have.
  • Reporting: up-to-date data for managers.
  • Flexibility: custom holiday types can be created, and the module has an interactive system calendar.
  • Up-to-date: automatic updates for legal compliance.


  • Modern: a system that works from both desktop PCs and smartphones and is easy to use and modify.
  • Decision support function: managers can make faster and better decisions.
  • Increasing commitment: You can increase the involvement of your employees with the opportunity of self-service.

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Working time and holiday

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