Employee records

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Labor-related administrative arrangements can take a lot of time away from actual work. However, with the support of the HRmaster Datacenter, this can be a thing of the past, because this module is a relief for employees and employers alike.


In the absence of a clear, flexible and easy-to-use labor administration, there are only lengthy, complex solutions.


  • Simple: it's a quick-to-learn system, and even reports can be created instantly.
  • Traceable: data on holidays or work events that can be tracked in one place, synchronized with employee calendars.
  • Professional: an all-digital solution that meets all work needs of your organization.
  • Flexible: can be easily adapted to the organizational structure of the company.
  • Secure: the software provides sophisticated data management, protects sensitive data from unauthorized access.
  • Comprehensive: it can record mandatory medical aptitude tests, their results and expiration, and even occupational physicians can be part of the labor record. In addition, tools and work clothes issued to employees can be tracked in the system.
  • Automatic: the module helps employees, HR and managers with individually configurable e-mail sending processes.


  • Records previously being on paper and in Excel can be now managed in a single digital system.
  • You need to spend less time on labor administrative tasks.
  • You can access your employee data quickly and easily.
  • The up-to-date structure of the organization becomes clear.
  • As a leader, you can manage your subordinates much more effectively.

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Employee records

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